This is Jet, my sister's dog. Someone dumped him out of a car window when he was a puppy. He's a German Shepard and something else, but no one could really tell you what that "something else" even is. He has one brown eye and one blue. Everyone always thinks he's blind in one eye. The blue one, they think. Maybe he's part wolf, they say. Maybe. 

"Maybe its what's wrong with you that makes you special," she'd said. "You will forever be a girl with long, dark, tangled tresses. With kohl all smudged around the eyes. Always a little too late or much too early - timing never quite right. With a laugh so high it bore pain in its fading reverberation. A girl with scars and marred with memories the rest of us couldn't bear." She sighed, her makeup-less face fresh and serene. "You will never be perfect like they are. You are perfect like you. Imperfect. Tangled and sullied, it is your beauty. Your beauty lies in your vulnerability. It's that which kills you and that which sets you apart."

"I wish I could do something for you. Or perhaps things are better now? I met a wolf in a bar. A domesticated wolf. I stayed with him for about an hour. After a few beers I began to realize something about him. His owner told me he was dying. He had cancer. He had two months to live. His name was Danno and he understood Italian. Danno in Italian means "damage". I thought of you. It was a very distinct moment in my life. And there, in the middle of Manchester bar, a little drunk, with 3 of my friends and a model from New York who I'd been fucking... I began to cry. The Smiths were playing, I was crying, and Danno was dying." - C. Hernandez


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