The Game

"do you want someone to sigh
at the way the sun rays set your eyes aglow,
unabashed admiration?
is that even real? do you really know?"

but the stain between his front teeth,
permanent, like his naivety,
disturbed my thoughts like an interrupting child,
his one flaw visible, holding its own gravity.

lips pursed, his smoke inseminates the air
"you’ve a severe elegance to you" he said
mercurial smile hiding my haughty hurts
all as my fragile vanity bled

a lemony sky laps at my wounds.
it’s my turn, but we’d stopped keeping score.
always thought i wasn’t good enough,
but it was he who was the bore.

his platitudes  - mere cosmic ejaculate,
his ideals die in the face of practicality,
while i wear my jaded effects with pride,
i sustain some tentative ties with reality.

crossing his “faith" with my “strength"
with night swooping in, i laid down my word.
98 points but it held no weight,
a reminder of affections deferred.

bed creaking as his body collapses
for all the weight his indifference did spawn
esteem leaking as i make the finally tally,

"doesn’t matter", he said, but i had won.


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