so opaque to shield sensibilities
from the peeking rays of daybreak.
tried to be more protective
but my nature is perpetually diaphanous.
an open book,
open to all the obvious pages.

so dark, don’t you know
how the deep earth of night
so dark, might even miss you.
needing to be admitted, but
my tongue refuses the form.

wishing i could tell you
but thoughts are just echoes
in the vast chasm between
two weary hearts.
perhaps its only two weary minds.
wishing i could tell you
what this is,
how this goes,
what i do and how i haven’t the strength to change it,
wishing to say you’ve
been the only one who never gave up,
who came back.
something brought you back.

but will i be enough to bring you back?
will i alone be enough
this time?

so thickly opaque
to keep the vibrant hues away.
occasionally sheer
to convey honesty, reality.
but i am all i could ever be.


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